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The Biggest Inside Job That You DEF Want in on

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The most underrated skill when looking to make changes for success, health, and happiness

Gratitude is the number one thing I recommend people reach for, when they recognize their minds are wandering. 

However, gratitude isn’t always possible. You see, there is an emotional scale that we move along throughout our day. If we have hit a downward spiral so powerful that we are in the pits of hatred, and hopelessness, then gratitude may not be achievable at that moment. 

If you simply repeat gratitude with strong opposition in emotion, it’s like putting a smily face sticker on a bleeding wound, and pretending it is healed. In these situations, it is best to first-recognize we have these feelings, acknowledge them, and forgive ourselves for having them. Remember we are human beings who have a wide range of feelings, and these feelings alone don’t need to be fuel for any additional guilt or shame. 

Then, as we feel through this time in our lives, we can slowly move up the emotional scale. If you are in the depths of fear or rage, moving to anger and impatience is an upward motion! When you accept where you are, you begin to release feelings of maybe boredom, and indifference. From here, you can further move up the emotional scale, and now begin using momentum to think about things you are hopeful for. Hopefulness is right next to gratefulness, and now you are in a position to begin using gratitude to effect your overall biology. 

Happiness is not a choice when you aren’t aware that you have a choice. When we become aware of our thoughts, we gain the power to harness them for our good, and overall well-being. Being aware of the emotional scale can help when gratitude just isn’t working as we would like it too. 
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