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Creating Lasting Impressions for your Events

Growth Mindset-Keynote

Many people are aware of the conversations that occur between our own ears, but few know how to control them. Through development of this specific skill, you can become the person you dream of being. I assist audiences in finding their inner critics, and adjusting their inner dialogue to elicit a physiological response that won't be forgotten. Some hilarious antidotes, and personal experiences help lead the way. 

The Science of Gratitude

Gratitude is an underutilized skill when people are looking for success in life. When done correctly (yes! there is a correct way!), gratitude has the power to significantly change your life. I teach audiences how gratitude can be utilized to influence the biochemical responses within their body, to improve their overall health, and wellbeing.


This topic is a great hands-on experience, as both a keynote, and for smaller workshops. After learning about the scientific benefits of meditation, I engage audiences in key elements of how to begin their our practice, and harness the power of habit to bring these benefits into their daily lives. 

What to Expect

I understand that every event is unique in its needs, and audience. If you believe my expertise could be an asset to your event, but would like to discuss the specific topics, please fill out the form below. 

My goal is to serve. No only your audience, but event coordinators also. I value your time, and respect our connections. My job is to provide a pleasant experience for everyone involved.  

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