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Find Your Inner Bioluminescence

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

It's time to finally accept your authentic self, and let it shine!

Most of ya’ll know I’m kind of a science nerd. Well, the other day, I happened upon something intriguing.I was thinking about the gorgeousness of bioluminescence. Specifically, the species of aquatic animals that live so deep in the ocean, we had no idea they existed, or how they survived, until we developed a human way of studying them. Us ‘discovering’ them, is not what made them exist. They were there all along, in their magnificence, just glowing about their days and nights. 

These animals, have a biochemical response, that releases light, from WITHIN the species, for others to see. Do you know how cool that is?!! Some are born with it, and some have to consume a certain chemical to be able to achieve it. These animals have to learn how to create this chemical process, and when to do it, for it to be most effective. They learn to control their inner light, by regulating brain processes


The Biochemical process within living organisms, that creates an emission of life.

What struck me, while thinking about this topic, is how similar this process is within us, the conscious beings roaming above the waters. We have all experienced extended darkness in our lives. The hurt, the pain, the low points. Especially if you are an addict or alcoholic, or suffer from mental illness, we have fallen through trap doors at our perceived rock bottom. 

But when things got their darkest, we had to retreat within, and learn how to change from within. A chemical reaction of sorts began to take place, and we found our light within. As we became familiar with creating our own light, and then even efficient at it, we realized, this light was there for all to see. 

Once we learn how to control our own bioluminescence, we can choose it over and over again. It becomes easier, and we enjoy choosing it. The same happens when we make the decision to choose love over fear, gratitude over guilt, and healing over complacency. 

Don’t get caught up in what others think when you begin shining your light. Just like the humans don’t completely understand the species in the depths of the ocean, others who haven’t developed their own inner light might not understand yours. And that’s ok too. 

Once you find your source of bioluminescence, don’t ever let that internal chemical reaction stop.
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