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How to start buying Essential Oils

There are a few ways to begin your journey. Each path is unique, but most start with one of the options below. First, we need to get doterra oils in your hands, and on your body! 

The cheapest, and most cost effective way to do this, is through one of the starter kits below. These are top oils, selected to work together, for a plethora of issues. A wholesale membership is free with a kit, and provides you with 25% below retail, for an entire year.

Meet: The Natural Solutions Kit

This kit packs a punch when it comes to switching your family to natural wellness. It is the smartest way to purchase oils, because it saves you the most money, and gives you the greatest return on investment. It not only includes 12 oils, and a rollerball with a case, it provides household items, that empower you to get rid of toxic and/or synthetics in your home. The OnGuard products feature immunity boosting properties, in a handwash, toothpaste, mouthwash, sanitizing spray, AND gel capsules! 










Natural Solutions Kit: $570
Savings of $250
Free Wholesale Membership for a year
100 Free Product Credits
Free one hour consulting with me
Free access to private Fb communities 
The Essential Life resource book
Click to Buy the Natural Solutions Kit 


Meet: The Healthy Home Kit

The Healthy Home Kit is a great way to get started on using all natural products in your home. This kit not only includes one of my FAVORITE diffusers, along with the top 10 oils to begin using natural wellness for ailments in your home. This kit is for those who are serious about turning a new page in their homes, away from toxic influences. It is also for the savvy shopper, who knows how to save money. 






Healthy Home Kit: $350
Savings of $90.00
Free membership for one year 
Free one hour consultation with me
Free access to private fb communities 
The Essential Life resource book FREE
Click to buy the Healthy Home Kit


Meet: The Healthy Start Kit

The Healthy Start kit is an affordable smaller start for those ready to use natural wellness as healthcare. It comes with 5ml bottles of the same top 10 oils, which will start you off ready for any ailment that comes at you. If you are looking for an affordable way to begin using the purest essential oils on Earth for better sleep, digestive comfort, and emotional stability, this is the kit for you. 

Healthy Start Kit: $160
Savings of $25.00
Free membership for one year 
Free one hour consultation with me
Free access to private fb communities 
Click to Buy the Healthy Start Kit


Meet: The Healthy Habits Kit

The Healthy Habits kit comes with our number ONE seller: Doterra vitamins. Named the Lifelong Vitality Pack, these vitamins are far from anything you have ever seen. They are WHOLE FOOD based, meaning all vitamins and minerals are sourced from real plants and animals (if you opt not to get the vegan version). I cannot speak enough to how amazing these are in one simple paragraph. They are my baseline of health. Along side these vitamins, are a probiotic, and TerraZyme. TerraZyme is formulated to assist your body in creating metabolic enzymes, which can assist with digestive issues, allergies, and sensitivities. There are five 5ml oils that come with this kit, to assist in the main areas of natural wellness, and a full size deep blue rub. This kit is a life saver for anyone who simply wants to bring their overall health up to par, and add on oils for specific ailments later. 

Healthy Habits Kit: $195 
Savings of $75.00
Free membership for one year
Free one hour consultation with me
Free access to private fb communities 
Click to Buy the Healthy Habits Kit


Just click the link to the best option for you, and the current months promotion will be added to your order! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. When you are all set, and you clicked the ‘Process Order Now and Continue’, please let me know! Fill out this form, so we can set up all your extra freebies! I can’t wait to connect with you! 

If you would like to begin with the $35 enrollment fee, and add your own products, please click here. Feel free to contact me with any concerns over what your best solutions might be. I am here to help you being your journey to natural wellness!

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