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Equipping ambitious women with neuroscience, to breakthrough glass celilings to find radical happiness

Crystal equips ambitious women to breakthrough their personal glass ceilings, by harnessing the power of neuroscience, to unlock the radical happiness they desire.
Over 95% of our daily life is controlled by our subconscious mind. So if you want to truly change your life, you have to learn how to recognize when your subconscious brain has taken over your life, and take your power back. 

Recognizing our patterns is just the first step towards living a life of radical happiness. Through harnessing the power of scientifically proven techniques, Crystal teaches audiences how to utilize neuroscience to replicate these techniques in their daily lives.


Meet Crystal

Entrepreneur, Air Force Veteran, Environmental Scientist, homeschooling momma and 

Growth Mindset Speaker

She loves to help others discover their true potential, and find radical happiness through scientifically proven methods.

Crystal empowers people to transform their lives through her unique skills, and hilarious perspective on neuroscience. 


Speaking Topics


Growth Mindset

 Crystal assists audiences in finding their inner critics, and adjusting their inner dialogue to elicit a physiological response that won't be forgotten. Some hilarious antidotes, and personal experiences help lead the way.


Gratitude is an underutilized skill when people are looking for success in life. Crystal teaches audiences how to correctly utilize gratitude, to influence the biochemical responses within their body, to improve their overall health, and wellbeing. 


From the beginner, to those with an advanced practice, Crystal offers the science behind this ancient practice, and gives insights into deepening your practice



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